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Choosing the Best Cupcakes for A Kid’s Birthday Party

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Planning your child’s birthday party is an exciting time for the whole family. It’s always fun making cute invites and decorating the back yard with your kid’s favourite colours. At the same time, there are more details that go into planning a children’s birthday party than any formal event you’d ever attend as an adult. This is a crucial time to get it right with the whole parenting thing: you’re on show in front of your kid’s whole class AND all the other mums and dads – it can definitely be a stress.

Luckily, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a fresh batch of yummy cupcakes on the party food table. There are so many delicious cupcake flavours out there to decorate. Here are some great ways to ace cupcake decorating to win over your tiny critics with sweet treats.

Cartoon Cupcakes

If there’s something every kid loves – it’s cartoons. Whether your kid has Minion Madness or Thomas-the-Tank-Engine Frenzy, cartoon obsessions spread like the plague among anyone under the tender age of ten – and you know what’s even better than cartoons on TV? Seeing your favourite cartoons come to life in the form of a sugary, delicious treat.

You can make your own cartoon character cupcakes by making different coloured fondant and cutting it into all the right shapes – this can be pretty tricky though, and as a parent, in the days leading up to your kid’s birthday party we know you haven’t got a second to spare. Gabby’s cupcakes offer a range of themed cupcakes that are carefully designed to look like a huge range of your kid’s favourite characters. 

Cupcakes on Ice-Cream Cones

Cupcakes in ice-cream cones looking delicious for kids birthday party

Kids love ice cream, so if you’re at a loss for what crazy design will make them crazy for the cupcakes, a great idea that’s super popular with cupcakes now is to make them look like ice cream cones! These are easy to create – just find some deliciously decorated cupcakes such as the Gourmet Collection from Gabby’s Cupcakes, take off the paper wrap from each cupcake and place them in a waffle cone! How adorable is that?

For extra stability (because we all know how kids like to wave around their food and we don’t want any tantrums when they fall off the cone) make up some quick buttercream icing and fill the cone with it first, so that the cupcake on top sticks down nicely.

A Sprinkle Surprise!

Give cupcakes a crazy twist with a hollow centre filled with a hidden sprinkle surprise! Cupcakes are delicious enough on their own, so adding extra candy hidden in the centre will blow the kids’ minds! This easy to achieve – after the cupcakes are cooked, spoon out the centre and fill it with sprinkles. Put back the spoonful of cupcake you took out and disguise it all with a mountain of buttercream icing – they’ll never know what’s inside until they take that first bite!

Something to note with these ones is that they’re definitely better eaten outdoors – because you’re probably the one who’s going to have to clean up the mess of sprinkles everywhere at the end of the day.

Cupcake Decorating Competition 

This one’s a win-win for sure – save yourself time by turning cupcake decorating into a party game! All you have to do here is make plenty of different flavoured cupcakes and lay them out on the party table with all the decorations and icing colours you can think of. Kids don’t even need an incentive to get to play with all that sugar, but you can give them one anyway by saying the best cupcake gets a party prize! This is sure to be a hit and you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve turned your party guests into your own personal sous-chefs.

Gabby’s Cupcakes: The Cupcake Shop for All Seasons

Whether it’s for a kid’s birthday, a corporate celebration, or to make the most out of the season, celebrate with Gabby’s Cupcakes! We deliver cupcakes North Shore-wide and beyond. For more ideas or to learn about cupcake flavours and decorating options drop by the store today!

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