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5 Reasons to Get Cupcakes for the Office

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When there’s a special occasion in the office, you want to make it memorable – what better way than with corporate cupcakes? Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and make some great memories! Today, we list five reasons you can order a delicious treat for you and your staff.

1. Arrival of New Staff

When bringing brand-new staff into the fold, you want them to feel at home as quickly as possible. Starting at a new workplace can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone there beforehand. Sharing something with the rest of the team can be a great opportunity for new staff members, not only to feel more integrated into the family, but also to get to know their peers better in a low-pressure environment.

2. Departure of Staff

When it’s time for a beloved member of your team to move on, holding a low-key event is a great way to help them feel supported as they enter the next part of their career. Cupcakes make a great addition to any gathering. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to hold a casual event to farewell a staff member, or whether you hold a larger event to farewell a partner or long-time senior staff member, a sweet treat communicates that even though they are moving on, you wish them all the best.

3. Office Relocation

Moving into a new office is exciting, and celebrating to mark the occasion is a great idea to help your staff feel more at home in their new environment. Taking the time to christen the place can really bring the team together, but if you want to avoid keeping staff late for an office warming party, getting a lunchtime delivery of cupcakes makes an easily accessible alternative to staying late after work for drinks!

4. Meeting a Sales Target

It’s important to keep your staff feeling valued, and let them know that you respect their efforts. When your team - or a team member – achieves a target or goal, it’s a perfect time to let them know you appreciate them. Doing something that the whole team can enjoy together also drives home the concept that your organisation is in it together, and that one person’s success is a success for everyone.

5. Birthdays

How could we leave out birthdays! Getting a cake for staff birthdays is a no-brainer, but when you have a big team, finding a cake big enough to share can be tricky. Going for cupcakes instead keeps the tradition alive, and keeps everyone happy with a portion to call their own! Many bakeries also offer vegan or gluten free cupcakes, so there’s always something for everyone.

Want to Organise Cupcakes for Your Office?

Talk to Gabby’s Cupcakes today! We offer a wide range of cupcake catering plans – we’re able to satisfy dietary requirements, have your cupcakes printed with corporate branding, and we even offer cupcake delivery Auckland-wide. If you’ve got an event to plan, it’ll be better with Gabby’s Cupcakes!

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