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Make This Valentine’s Day Special with Cupcakes!

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It’s that time of year again – romance fills the globe with joy on February 14th and it’s coming our way quick. If you’re out of ideas for what to surprise your significant other with this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to remind you that you can’t go wrong when you give the gift of delicious sugary treats and beautiful cupcake decorating this Valentine’s.  Say ‘I love you’ to someone today with cupcakes and see how their eyes light up!

Why Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are a great choice for valentines, for one thing, they’re super easy to order in advance from a cupcake bakery. Valentine’s themed cupcakes are super cute and a good way to show that you’ve put some effort into your Valentine's gift as opposed to just buying a box of chocolates off the shelf with gift wrap. Food is one of the best languages of love, so they’re a great way to say you love someone - and Gabby’s cupcakes are always made with love!

Cupcakes are for Sharing

It's a fact that cupcakes were invented for the sole purpose of being shared between friends, because unlike a cake, they’re their own little treat parcels that you can hand out to everyone you care about. Even if you’ve got no special someone this Valentine’s Day, cupcakes are a great gift to buy for your pals so you can all share happiness – because who says friends can’t give friends Valentine’s gifts?

Create Lasting Impressions

Cupcakes are a bit of a unique one, aren’t they? They’re not your average roses and chocolate combo and they’re not what you’d think of first for Valentine's gift. They come in so many different, unique styles and cupcake decorations. Also, if you get them from a cupcake bakery like Gabby’s Cupcakes, they always put them in a sweet little cupcake box that shows all the thought that has been put into making them.


Giving gifts on Valentine’s Day that are outside of the box is a great way to make your significant other feel super special or give someone you admire a lasting impression. Going the extra mile to put in the effort is important when trying to win someone over, and Valentine’s Day – the day where everyone in the world is doing the same things for the people they love – is a great day to stand out from the crowd.

Speak the Language of Love  

A traditional take on gift giving but it’s true – food is the language of love. There is a study which says that, in the first eighteen months of a person’s life, food represents a bond between people, in this case between a mother and a child, but from then on to the rest of most of our lives, we associate the giving of food with a similar bond. Food is meant to be given: we take people out on dates for food, we cook for them and put food in front of them to show we care, and Valentine’s Day is no exception to this rule. Gifting food shows affection, appreciation, and gratitude – all qualities connected to love.

Where to Find the Perfect Cupcakes for your Valentine

Gabby’s Cupcakes on the North Shore of Auckland have a huge range of Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes for you to share with your significant other this February, so don’t stress – drop by or order online to have your pick of delicious cupcakes to give on this special day.

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