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Treats for the Perfect Corporate Morning or Afternoon Tea

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Everyone loves a morning or afternoon tea at the office, whether we’ve got a client you want to butter up with some sweet treats or you’re celebrating a company achievement – really, any excuse works to cheat on our sugar-free diets and share some baked goods, while having a couple minutes away from the desk. While corporate cupcakes are a staple food for a good ol’ office tea break, there are plenty of other equally great choices. In this post, we take a look at some of New Zealand’s favourite yummy snacks to have at work! 

The Queen of Hearts’ Tarts 

people at a round table eating tarts and a pie

Tarts are great companions to morning or afternoon tea. First of all, they have that firm crust which makes them not only delicious, but easy to transport. They’re a go-to when you’re trying to eat clean – because the inside is made of fruit! Well, partly – but it’s still a good enough excuse to chow down on these delicious morsels in front of clients. Strawberry, blueberries, or even simple jam are perfect partners to your afternoon tea. As long as there’s a good crunch to the biscuit crust you’re in for an office hit!  

Have a Muffin Break

Muffins are another delectable treat. Quite like cupcakes, these are soft and moist and are made with a variety of fruit or sweet options. Unlike cupcakes, muffins are more about the delicious dough and less about the decorations – which is perfect if your teeth just aren’t sweet enough for all that butter-cream. A great choice would be chocolate muffins because who doesn’t love chocolate? But a good cream cheese and blueberry muffin hits the spot just as good. Muffins are also a good choice because they’re the least glutinous of desserts – so are the least likely to result in that awkward post-dessert-sticky-hands scenario we’ve all experienced.  

Granny’s Scones

Scones outside of your gran’s house may be an unsettling combination at first, but the reason she loves them so much aren’t just to fatten you up – scones are the perfect pairing for tea, especially when enjoyed with jam and cream. Most people debate about which goes first—the jam or the cream (it’s obviously jam then cream) which makes for great office banter if this is your first tea time rodeo. In summary, when done well scones are fluffy and light and make great comfort food to fill you up between meals – you simply can’t go wrong. 

Can’t Beat a Classic Cupcake

There’s a reason people don’t stray too far from the classics. But why are cupcakes so irresistible? We’ll let you in on a little-known secret - cupcakes are delicious. They’re like a cake, but because they’re so small we don’t have to feel guilty about eating the whole thing. Whoever invented cupcakes is a genius, in our humble opinion. They have that spongy texture that just goes down brilliantly with a nice hot cuppaThe butter cream icing is always tasty and sweet but never too rich – and if you’re lucky, you’ll even score some of those little sweet silver ball decorations that just complete the entire experience, you might even say they’re the cherry on top.   

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