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Wedding Cakes vs Wedding Cupcakes: Which is Right for You?

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It’s almost your big day, and you remain undecided between a wedding cake and wedding cupcakes. Do you choose a wedding for their traditional appeal, or something more unique? Themed cupcakes have tremendous appeal for a number of reasons, not just because they’re a popular, modern alternative. We take a look at these two choices below:

Which is more attractive?            

Wedding cakes are often grandiose and appear even more so when the big day arrives. However, you can’t deny that cupcakes can be arranged to look like wedding cakes; they’re easier to serve to guests and are also cost-effective. The money you save by having wedding cupcakes instead of wedding cakes Auckland bakeries normally offer can be used for other things.

In this corner, it’s already a close race, but wedding cakes are certainly more attractive to look at when glammed up and placed centre stage.

Which is easier to produce?

Wedding cakes are grand and magnificent for the simple reason that a lot of time and effort goes into their creation. Wedding cupcakes can be easier to create, but with the time and effort normally associated with wedding cakes, you or someone making them for you can create many; in fact, as many as needed for your guests and more!

Wedding cupcakes are definitely better if you expect a lot of people on your wedding day, or need to cater for specific diets.

Which has more to offer? 

As big as wedding cakes are, there simply isn’t enough to go around if you somehow manage to misjudge the number of guests on your wedding day. With cupcakes, there’s a better chance of having enough to go around for everyone. It’s also easier to portion the number of cupcakes for every guest that attends your wedding reception.

In this round, cupcakes take the cake!

Which has a different approach?

If you belong to the crowd that likes to play things safe, then you’re probably already choosing the design for your wedding cake. No matter how much it costs, there’s no shortage of bakeries catering to couples about to tie the knot. Cupcakes are different, however, but a rather exciting prospect—it’s a new concept, and there are many themes for these delicious creations.                                          

When you talk about ‘freshness,’ cupcakes certainly take the award – their versatility means you can create multiple designs or intricate, unique details for specific guests or tables. Bridal party cupcakes? Easy! The opportunities here are endless, and add real flair to a unique wedding.

Which tastes better? 

This is a toss-up between the two tasty treats, though who can really say which is better when both are undeniably delicious? Wedding cakes and cupcakes don’t taste any different from each other, but with more to cover, wedding cakes can be a dense, decadent tower of delight, or a dried-out stack of cake and icing. Wedding cupcakes, however, benefit from their size – you can easily choose a diverse range of flavours to suit any taste!

As this one is too close to call, we’ll add a bonus consideration: why not both? Wedding cakes and cupcakes work wonderfully together, and let you create unique cupcake towers with a traditional cake at the top. That’s a mix of tradition with a little twist of uniqueness added.


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