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When to Send Out Customised Branded Corporate Cupcakes

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We usually send gifts out to celebrate milestones. Cakes or cupcakes are great gifts for celebrations, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or simply a day that should never be forgotten. It’s the same thing for a company — when it wants to celebrate a milestone, mark an occasion, or simply just want to celebrate, gifts like corporate cupcakes get sent out.

Let’s take a closer look at the perfect situations for sending cupcakes as corporate gifts:

To celebrate a client

Whether it’s to reward a new client or give thanks for a successful deal or transaction, corporate cupcakes are a great way to show your appreciation. A large batch of cupcakes can convey your logo loud and clear on each piece. Cupcakes are also fun and easier to customise than a large cake, which could take longer to create and is generally more expensive.

To celebrate an anniversary with a client

Is the date of your first deal with a client fast-approaching? Celebrate your anniversary of the deal or contract in a sweet way with a cupcake delivery in Auckland from Gabby’s Cupcakes! You can have cupcakes decorated with your logo and sent to these clients. Alternatively, you can also have a combination of cakes and cupcakes delivered to them, with the cake serving as the centrepiece for the whole package.

To celebrate a launch or corporate event

Usually, you’d mark your calendar for an event you want to remember like, say, the birthday of a family member. In the case of clients or your company, you can mark the day deliciously with corporate cupcakes! Cupcakes designed with your company name or brand on it can be offered during product launches to create a sense of consistent branding. Plus - who would say no to free cupcakes at any event?

To give thanks to a corporate sponsor or company investor

A box of PR items with your corporate logo on it is a good way to thank an investor or sponsor for their work with your company. However, an even tastier treat would be to gift them a box of cupcakes! These cupcakes can be paired with other food like coffee or hot chocolate to create an extra sweet expression of your appreciation for them. You could also invite your investor or sponsor over for a celebration where these cupcakes are served along with other food.

To create awareness for charity 

A company’s way of giving back to the community could be organising a charity or fund-raiser for the less fortunate. Aside from the usual variety of food available in the event, cupcakes are a good addition. Guests in the party could have customised cupcakes as dessert. It’s a simple but creative way of saying that you’re dedicated to charity, and cupcakes are a sweet way of doing it.


Your company expansion relies on branding, and gifting corporate cupcakes is a simple but delicious way of spreading awareness about your brand, company, or services. Work with Gabby’s Cupcakes and discover how this simple snack can become the centrepiece of a party, be delicious corporate gifts, or a tasty gift of appreciation.

Contact us today or shop online for deliciously creative cupcake gifting ideas!

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