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Why are Customised Cake Pops So Popular at Events?

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Cupcakes are a popular staple at events, but cake pops in Auckland have quickly gained popularity over the years. Cupcakes are fun and easy to make but cake pops are, well, much easier. Plus, they can be made with relatively little ingredients, some of them even made from their tasty brother – the cupcake. Cake pops can be a better personal choice in some cases and it’s not hard to figure out why, so we thought we’d lay out these reasons as we’re coming up to holiday event season!

Cake pops are easy to eat

Cakes and cupcakes are tasty treats, but they aren’t as easy to eat like cake pops are. Cake pops are made by shaping batter into balls or different shapes and then sticking them on top of a lollipop stick. This is where they get the ‘pop’ lingo comes from. What makes them easy to eat is that you can bite into them without having crumbs fall away as they do with cakes or cupcakes. This makes them great for weddings and kids’ birthday parties, where things can often get messy!

No forks and knives, no problem

So you have a shortage of utensils to use in a party? No problem! Unlike other treats, you can eat cake pops even without utensils. It’s really handy – you can bring them home from the party and you’d still be icing-free. Eat them along the way—whether you’re already on the car ride for home, in the elevator, or even while standing up and chatting with your colleagues at a corporate event!

Cake pops are easy to make

There are two ways to make cake pops. You can take some leftover cake and crumble them into frosting - baking them into pops. You could also use some batter, make them into balls, and freeze them for frozen cake balls. Your creativity is the limit!

They add unique fun to every event

Say you’re creating cupcakes, and you have a little left-over batch of the batter you used for it. No problem! Whip up some cream that you can use to cover these cake pops and create some eye-popping designs. You can decorate them with anything, whether snowmen for Christmas, corporate logos for a company event, or even sprinkles and candies for parties. The designs you can create are endless!

There are endless dessert ideas with cake pops you can incorporate in parties instead of the more traditional cake and cupcake stand. During the company Christmas party, you can easily create a dessert section featuring colourfully themed cake pops. You can also gift them during Christmas in place of cupcakes.

Cake pops: A holiday event solution

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! Gabby’s Cupcakes have been supplying Auckland and nearby areas with tasty desserts for corporate and family events. Let us help you with your corporate event or birthday celebration!

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