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Since antiquity, weddings customarily have been celebrated in cultures around the world with a special cake. Cake is lucky. Cake brings fertility and the confetti of crumbs brings luck to all wedding guests.  Drenched in tradition a wedding simply isn't a wedding without a little special wedding cake.

At Gabby’s Cupcakes, we ensure that every wedding cake is as special and individual as the bride and groom they share centre stage with. Gabby’s designs every cake you can imagine to celebrate the special event:

  • Cupcake Towers                            
  • Wedding Cakes 
  • Gifting Cakes
  • Wedding Anniversary Cakes
  • Cake toppers with towers of cupcakes beneath them
  • Bride’s Cakes
  • Engagement Cakes
  • Groom's Cakes

Cake Tastings

Gabby’s is the perfect place for cake tastings.  Whatever you fancy, we fancy. We always have a number of cake and frosting flavours. The need for cake often strikes us at a whim.


Custom Design

Your wedding cake or cupcakes will be designed to highlight the styling and character of your event.  Bring us your inspiration board; share us in on your wedding Pinterest page, and give us a peek at photos of the wedding dress before the groom gets to see. We love weddings!! We want to know everything.. and we want to be a part of making your day perfect.

Gabby’s can add monogramming or a family crest to your traditional wedding cakes. Let us bring key lime and passion fruit to your to your summer beach wedding while characters of the bride and groom hold hands in cake topping deck chairs. You dream it. We deliver it.



Wedding customs and rituals vary significantly around the world, and the cake is no exception. We love what Auckland’s diversity does to our cake offerings.

UK Cakes - England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland

If you are from England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland you may prefer a traditional fruit cake with lots of scrumptious nuts and dried fruit soaked in cognac, whiskey, or brandy. Classic white wedding cake fondant is always a wonderful choice. We can do that.

Caribbean Wedding Cakes

The British made their way to the Caribbean who also love fruit cake for weddings but we know you would prefer your fruit soaked in rum. Its delicious this way. Happy to do it for you.

South Africa

Little secret? One of the owners of Gabby’s is from South Africa. Not only will he make you the most fantastic wedding cake, but he can also source any other fantastic South African grocery items you may need.


We have a lot of Korean local customers. Gabby’s has learned to adapt their recipes to be less sweet for the Korean customers palette. Call us. We will help you find the right cake for you.

Northern European - Iceland, Denmark

Our modern Nordic customers are often interested in holding on to classic tradition by choosing a delicate New Zealand cake and adding a strong undertone of almond.  It is a nice compromise when one partner says kransakaka and the other says fruit cake.

The Rest of The World

Gabby’s Cupcakes celebrates difference and unions brought together by love. Invite us in to your special day. Wherever you are from, we will bring you the tastes of home.

We’ll take care of all those extra arrangements such as liaising with your florist to ensure any fresh flowers that need to go on your wedding cake are ordered and there on the day. Gabby's makes it happen.


Personal wedding cake delivery

We personally deliver all our wedding cakes – that way we know yours will arrive on time and look great.  Our cakes are always first in line to kiss the bride.